Atanas Mihaltchev

I am born in Sofia, Bulgaria and I finish the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, Czech Republic in 1980. My specialty is illustration and design. 

Paper is the main medium I use to create my sculptures. The transformation of a flat sheet of paper into a three-dimensional object has always fascinated me and has always been the  core motivation of my exploration. The ephemeral, fragile, and delicate nature of paper contrasts with its durability, solidity, and monumentality, which are all essential requirements of sculpture. The paradox between strength and vulnerability is a field that will always intrigue creative beings.  

One of my main sources of inspiration, besides Nature, are the sculptures of Alexandre Calder. He too, was using sheets of cardboard to design his original models, thus confirming the eternal search for the dichotomies of life.

Maria Valkova

Born in Bourgas, Bulgaria and has lived in Canada for the past 25 years. She has an MBA from University of Montreal – HEC.

Anna Mihaltchev 

Anna Mihaltchev was born in Prague, Czech Republic. She has graduated from McGill University and works at Hartiatoys as Photographer and Editor.

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